Installing RT 4.0 on CentOS 6.x

This guide explains how to install RT4 with imap / smtp  & integrating with Apache SSL. So first …..

Installing RT 4.0

Follow the instruction of RT4 guide or visit

Configuring mail

There are two parts of email configuring. Receiving & Sending

Ref -:

Receiving mail

For RT, There are lot of methods for handling incoming emails. In this tutorial, Getmail is used for fetching email from IMAP Box.

Steps -:

  • Install Getmail via yum
  • You need to configuration a config file for each Queue . An example config is below & config file is  named as a  “.RtIMAP”

Next you have to create shell script to run as a cron  job. An a example script is below &  shell script is named as “”

Now Add to cron  job to execute in a every minute.

Configuring incoming mail part is done . More info are availabled in  -:

Sending mail

For setting up outgoing mail in RT you can use mailx or msmtp. My recommendation is  msmtp  since it supports attachment & TLS

  • Install msmtp via yum
  • Create config file, such as /opt/rt4/etc/msmtp_wrapper.conf. An example config file is below & it named “msmtp_wrapper.conf”

  • Change file permission to 600 & owner  to “apache” which runs RT .
  • make executable file for access to  RT. An example executable file is below & it named “msmtp_wrapper”

  •   update to use msmtp. so edit this following line in /opt/rt4/etc/

More information are available in

RT4, Getmail & msmtp installing & configuring  parts are  done. So now we can move to RT4 & Apache integration.

  • First you have to install Apache, mod_perl & mod_ssl .
  • edit the ssl.conf & put the below config with in virtual host tags.(  vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf )

  •  update ssl certs details in ssl.conf
  • Start the Apache service

  • u can access RT4 via web browser & have to make initial configuring. during the initial configuration you have to provide Database type , db password , root password, Email address( Ex -: . Type the URL (ex -: ) & log as a root. Within next few steps, we’re going to configure Queue, user account , Group & group permission.
  • First logging to RT as a root & go to Admin -> Queues -> Create



  • Create a  group. Admin -> Groups -> Create  (Ex – MIS)



  • Create a user. Admin -> Users -> Create   ( Ex -: user)

add user modify user


  • Adding the “user” to MIS group. when user is created select the membership tab in same windows.

add to groupupdate user verify membership

  • Updating group rights. Admin -> Global -> Group Rights

i)  Updating Everyone group  rights.


ii) Updating MIS group rights ( Ex -: MIS) . To change the  group right , type the group  name in “ADD GROUP”  & update group rights as below screenshots.

MIS -1 MIS-2



  •  Adding watchers for the Queue. Admin -> Queues -> Select -> Support Then select watchers tab.

Watcher-1 Watchers-2

Select the AdminCc in drop-down box & Save Changes

All part of RT4 configuring is done. So you can test ……………


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